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Suzi is a RopeCon 2009 guest of honor! (and I'm not a meanie any more)

We're off to Espoo, Finland come the end of July for about a week to visit Ropecon.

(from their description) Ropecon is the largest non-commercial volunteer based RPG convention in the world and is now organized for the 16th time. The whole event is funded by an association of independent rpg –societies called Ropeconry. We have about 3000-4000 participants per year and they consist of pen & paper gamers, larpers, card-gamers and people who are into miniatures – not forgetting board gamers.  The event lasts for three days, which are full of lectures but above all playing games and meeting new people.

I'll be playing tag-along and we're looking forward to seeing Finland for the first time and having a lot of fun at the Con. This is our first invitation as a company to be any sort of guest of honor at a convention and it feels like another milestone has been reached. I'd like to thank the people at Ropecon for the invitation and we look forward to the con.

So, from July 31st – August 2nd we'll be in Espoo at the con. Suzi will be doing business (presentations and panels) and I will be goofing off and having fun, like the good husband. Ok, I'll probably help some..... :)
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