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1000 things to do before you die #271: Throw up on Finland.

After 10 years together, I've finally seen Suzi throw up. Today was another beautiful day spent with our new friends eating and walking through museums. I had an excellent goat-cheese salad for lunch and a wonderful Blinni for dinner, along with some remarkable vodka and a very good Lebanese red wine. Unfortunately, the red wine decided that killing Suzi was high on it's list. Suzi had around a 1/4 glass and something just didn't sit right with her. For the rest of us everything was fine, but she became light-headed and nauseous. So much so that we had to leave the restaurant and cancel the remainder of the evening's entertainment. Right we we walked out of the door, with our gracious host Petri  along with us, the nauseau caught up with Suzi and she started the rare impersonation of Krakatoa referred to above.

It appears that there's something in red wine that is now officially off-limits. We're back at the hotel and Suzi's feeling better (albeit still a little dizzy) and we're going to take the rest of the evening off before heading out to Tallinn Estonia tomorrow.
Tags: finland
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