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How The Simpsons and Dio make for the end of a great day

Today (well, technically yesterday) was another great day here in Finland. We met Scott Johnson (of WW) in the morning along with Antti (the current Magic world champ and Finn) and headed out to the sea with Katri and Timo. Timo's family owns a boat and he thought we'd appreciate a day on the water and he was correct. The sea was chilly to me, but the natives said that it was very warm compared with the average temperature. It was a beautiful day and after a few hours of all but Suzi and I partaking in watersports we gathered up some groceries and headed out to an island for a Finnish tradition - grilling.

After a few slow starts on trying to find the right island (take a look at the satellite map of Helsinki/Espoo and you'll see that there are many choices of islands) we found the one that would be best and set up camp. Antti showed us the proper way of splitting of smaller pieces of wood from a larger block and soon the fire was crackling with fallen and driftwood as well. The food was very good and the company better. IMO, the highlight was Scott's brief impersonation of a trailer-trash teenage girl on an American reality TV show. He's a very reserved guy (the Finns suspect he may be Finnish) and his performance was so unexpected and dead-on that it was hilariously funny for several reasons.

After leaving the island we went to see the fortified island just south of Helsinki called Suomenlinna. It was very much fun walking around the fort (finished towards the end of the 18th century I think) looking at the construction, rotating cannon, and the scenery in general. I think one could spend a full day at the fort itself, as there are many individual buildings to investigate if one has the inclination and the time.

Jukka met us as the ferry and we were quickly shuttled to the pre-party where we gathered together those who would join us for dinner - Peteri, Outi, Annti, Malik (the Danish Larper guest of honor that I can't remember if I mentioned before who runs the first Larp school), and Suzi and me. Dinner was at a restaurant called Zoltan. It's a rather unique place with a Finnish hyper-nationalistic kiscthy  theme featuring several tractors. It was enjoyable and the food was quite good. After that we headed out to a mixed-drink bar called Shakers, where I ordered two drinks based upon name alone: The Spider Pig and a Holy Diver. They were both excellent and hotelward we went.
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