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RopeCon Day 2

Full day Saturday opened with another super buffet breakfast at the hotel - this time, however it was completely crowed and busy and we could tell all the guests had arrived. The first thing we did when entering was check out the 1e games, but they were already completely full, so I didn't get to do any old-school gaming, but so it goes. It's nice to see the interest still there and I hope all the gamers had a great time.

Suzi and I had mostly a free day as her obligations were in the evening so we spent the time demoing games in the board game area. Tried both Bohnanza and Caribbean and they were both fun. The guys running the games check out kindly translated the rules on the second game for us, going IMO, above and beyond their job duties by being so helpful to a pair of non-Finnish speaking guests.

Suzi then jumped into her seminars - one about creating adventures and then a shared seminar called speculative gaming in which the Guest of Honor are provided names and an imaginary game is built around the name based upon questions from the spectators as well as other panel guests. Below is a summation of the various games created in such manner.

The Button in the Center of the Library--a LARP focusing on the sensual nature of librarians wherein the library is an allegory for the body, currently being pitched to Nokia.

Up to Date on all the Vaccinations--a board game centered on the H1N1 virus/Swine Flu containing face masks, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, saline injections and a deck of motivational cards that get people into public places to enact scenes of mass hysteria.

Stealing the Penguin’s Gift--a board game with cards and fractal ice panels (sold separately at the grocery store) that focuses on the resale-ability (rather than the replay-ability) of the game. Player play penguins, there are movement cards and action cards, and the goal of the game is to steal the last egg (eggs can be destroyed by other penguins), ensuring your personal penguin survival by raising the next generation.

We Start with the Principle That the Mirror is Telling the Truth--an educational LARP that focuses on teenagers of Denmark getting an honest reflection of what they look like. An intense exercise, students project physical attributes of what they would like their characters to be, look into various mirrors that bend light to get a close approximation to that goal, followed by a 4 week training session to work towards that goal.

Suzi had a lot of fun with this seminar. :)

After that we joined Timo in his "office" (a van filled with various boozaholic beverages) and the night became both longer and better. We played a fun game of Who's the Ass? by Phalanx Games and it was a blast. I ended up being the Ass, but that's little surprise. We then traipsed off into the dark distance (it being roughly 1am by then) to find the sauna and Suzi and I had our first Finnish sauna. It's hard to describe, but I'll give it a shot. First you disrobe, jump into a warm shower to get completely wet, and then enter the Sauna. The Finns said it wasn't as hot as it should be (the wood-fired sauna had been unattended and gone cold so they had to fire up the electric one) and it was only about 70 Celsius. Which is 158 Fahrenheit to the non-metric readers. The only way I can describe it is that the heat reached up and grabs your throat, growling like Nathan Explosion from Dethklok, "You are in SAUNA!" You then go in and out as needed based upon heat regulation. You sweat profusely, but it is a very cleansing experience. All in all, Suzi and I found it quite enjoyable.

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