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RopeCon Day 3

The final day of RopeCon dawned with another filling breakfast and the sense of gaming in the air. Suzi and I traveled to the convention center where she gave her final seminar (about the Silk Road - putting caravans and trade into your game world). That went smashingly and then onward into a shared panel concerning the gaming industry and the future of said industry. It's always nice to hear different perspectives of the industry from those in different areas and the trend of the discussions to move towards the effects technology has upon game creation and publishing is always thought provoking.

Once that seminar was done it was off to the closing ceremonies wherein prizes were given for best costumes, best art, and best scenarios - if I'm translating what looked like was happening properly. The ceremonies were mostly non-english but these things have a similarity regardless what language, I suspect.

With RopeCon official over, we headed back to the hotel for a quick nap and then on to the big meal for all the people who helped pull the convention off. It was at a placed called Manala, which mean underworld or hell, so I can now say that I have been to Hell and the food is good. :) And the food was good - I was a bit of a fool and ate too much of the bread and butter (love the rye breads here) even though Wizzu directly told me that he has to watch himself not to do just that... oh well, I ended up very full and happy regardless. It was nice speaking with him and some of the other organizers of the convention about the convention and it's history, methodology, and ideas concerning the future. They asked for some feedback and I hope I provided something of use, for although I wasn't a Guest of Honor, the impeccable hospitality Suzi and I have experienced would make anyone feel honored. He asked if there was anything that I thought could be improved in relation to the experience of the Guest of Honor and, although I know it may seem a cop-out, I really cannot think of anything that could make the experience of RopeCon and Finland overall better than what has been done. It's been a truly remarkable visit.

Once dinner was done, we returned to the hotel for a small party in Malik's room. As I write, he's already on the way back to Denmark and his family, who he's been missing as before coming to RopeCon he had spent  (I believe) about a week or so in Greenland. We drank and talked and played Sing Star til 5am. I learned that Katri will kick your butt in Sing Star so don't even attempt to compete with her. In Sing Star she's like Conan, seeking to crush her enemies, to see them driven before her, and to hear the lamentations of their lowly scores.

All in all another excellent day of our RopeCon experience. Tonight is the after party, so I'm thinking about napping to save my strength.
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